Today people don't stay at one work for too long as they seek new opportunities for growth and development. If a company doesn't provide any growth opportunities for its employees it is likely they will seek it in a different company. There are other situations when people tend to leave - when they are unhappy about how they are treated by management for example. Or let's assume someone has decided to move to a different town. In all of these cases, people face the situation when they have to leave. The thing is that many people don't how to do it. What is the proper way to say goodbye to your employer and how to do it? It is important because your professional reputation is at stake as well as your relationships with your colleagues.

Saying Goodbye to Your Company

leaving-jobKeep in mind that the company you worked for is not just your manager. The company is more than that because without employees like you it would have been impossible to have a company at all. So talk to your colleagues and the people you've worked with. Just explain why you made such a decision and let them know that you've enjoyed working with them. If you have learned anything from them it is a good time to mention that. Such an approach to quitting a job will help you maintain relationship and keep in touch with your colleagues.

Additionally, such a move will leave a good impression on those who worked with you as it will give them a better understanding of your decision. This world is not such a big place, the connections might be very helpful in the future even if today you don't think you are going to need them. After you've talked to your colleagues individually you should have the exit interview with a human resources representative. In large corporations, you will likely never meet this person face-to-face up until this moment. Nevertheless, this person one day may receive a call from a prospective employer asking about your skills, qualifications, work ethic, etc. So make sure this talk goes well and you leave no ground for a bad impression because it may define your career path somewhere along the line. Don't forget to clean out your working place. Your computer may store your personal information and records and if you don't want somebody to have access to that information it is better that you clean it all up. Check your working email account and make sure you don't leave anything personal there.

If you want to go an extra mile you could prepare a document where you would pass on the most important information for the person who will take your post. Your valuable experience and knowledge will be handy for the one who will substitute you. We are sure anybody will appreciate this kind of assistance. Lastly, thank people for the time you could have working with them. Thank your manager and HR for the chance to be a part of the team. This way you will maintain good relationships with people.