We used to talk a lot about resume writing and maybe cover letter writing in regards to job search and interviews. However, there is one more document that could help you win the favor of hiring authorities - a thank you letter. Many people underestimate the importance of additional job search tools, including a thank you note. We believe that there is nothing as important in the job search as every word that you speak to a hiring manager either in writing or in person. The reason for that is because all of what you say and do create a certain image in the minds of those who will be making the decision about the hiring.

How to Write a Great Thank You Letter?

thanksIf you are lucky (or professional) enough to get to the interview stage, it is important to connect and acknowledge everyone you interact with. All of the employees you will face be it a phone screener or someone from the human resources department might pass on their impressions of you to those who will be making the decision. Unfortunately for many job seekers, they don't really seem to care about this kind of things as they believe the company should hire them just on the basis of a resume (or interview). Therefore, very few job seekers care enough to send a thank you note to an interviewer and as a result, ignored by hiring authorities because there was someone who did care enough to do such a simple step. The norm would be to send at least a thank you note via email within 24 hours after the interview.

It is even better if you take time and have a handwritten thank you letter sent to the hiring manager. When writing a letter try to be as specific as you can. Copy-pasting the general staff you can find online for a thank you note will not do any good. There was probably something you should thank the one who did the interview with you. At least the person took the time to meet you and talk about your qualifications and background. That is already something you can thank for. If there was a specific accident during an interview or something that an interviewing person did for you it is also worth mentioning as it makes the letter more appealing. Be sincere and don't go into long cliches and phrases that would make you sound like a robot. Explain why you appreciated the time and chance to talk without being too dramatic... A thank you letter is a good instrument to say something important that you forgot to say during an interview or to correct an error. Revisiting the issue may help employers understand that you understand the problem. Don't go into long explanations, try to be concise when explaining the problem or the issue. Keep in mind that the letter shouldn't be longer than 1 page. It is a good idea to provide follow-up information at the end of a thank you letter.

Here are some more tips on creating a powerful thank you letter.