It's not a secret that people who get into entry-level positions always dream of becoming a boss one day. Usually, it is a management position, which involves a lot of decision making and responsibility. However, when employees are promoted to the management positions most of them are surprised how difficult it is to be an effective leader. For some reason, people don't think about that when they are in entry-level positions. First-time managers face a lot of problems and challenges other employees are not aware of. Our team decided to help first-time administrators and managers to be ready for the upcoming challenges.

Most Common Misconceptions

best-managerWhenever people get promoted they often tend to think that they become a different person. It is true in some way because such people have new responsibilities, but it doesn't mean that such people actually become different people. It is important to be yourself whether you are a manager, administrative assistant or business owner. Don't try to be someone else. The new position doesn't make you cooler, puts you above your former co-workers or anything like that. Being arrogant will lead to negative circumstances and it is likely that you won't be able to in good relationships with your team. So rule number 1 is to be yourself.

Secondly, you need to understand the role of a manager. It might vary in different companies although most of them have a similar foundation. Most people confuse being a leader and manager which is frustrating for himself/herself and the team alike. The task of a leader is to provide guidance and direction as to where the company is going. Leaders are more concerned with a "big picture", while managers focus more on understanding this picture and making sure the team can paint it with resources given. In other words, a manager works tightly with the team and is responsible for its ultimate success or failure.

Thirdly, you have to know that managerial positions don't really have an increased degree of authority. The problem is that most employees believe that an increase in responsibility equals an increase in authority, which is not necessarily true. Being a manager means to work within a very constrained environment without having a wide autonomy to make decisions. Obviously, there are some exceptions but the general rule is that a manager often is more of a hostage than a big boss.

How to Get into a Managerial Role?

Becoming a manager is somewhat a recognition of one's commitment and professionalism since no graduate becomes a manager. This position requires specific experience and knowledge so if you want to become a manager you have to work hard and develop skills requires for the managerial position. One should do that not only at the workplace but also by attending seminars and taking online courses. By doing so you will increase your chances on getting promotions and becoming a manager one day.