Job seeking process takes a lot of time and efforts, especially if one doesn't know how to make use of all opportunities within the employment market. Developing one's resume isn't enough to be confident in the overall success of this time-consuming process. There are just too many people (often more qualified than you) thinking the same way. At we not only assist in developing resumes, CVs, cover letters, etc. Because we understand that it is not enough to grant employment we have developed additional services, which can increase your chances to get hired by a reputable company. additional-services-pic1

Thank You Letter. After you have sent your resume and cover letter to apply for a specific job company you are to expect an interview invitation, which will be an indicator of a successful resume. The interview meeting is the most important stage of getting hired as no resume or CV will ever guarantee you employment without a good interview. As soon as you through this stage we recommend sending a thank you letter to the hiring authority who had interviewed you. Such follow-up initiative will prove your interest in the position, which would be a positive characteristic of your candidacy (especially if no one else will show such interest). You can either create the letter on your own or order thank you letter writing service at

Interview Tips. Because the interview meeting is the most important stage of a job seeking process, one has to be well-prepared for it. By preparation, we mean searching what are the most common questions asked during the interview and how to handle them. Apart from the questions, an interviewing authority will likely pay attention to your manners, especially if the position requires interpersonal and communication skills. We are sure one can find such information online, but if you have no time we offer the interview tips additional service. It is absolutely free of charge if you order resume writing service.

KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities). When applying for a federal position, KSAs along with a federal resume may be one of the requirements. The federal job openings often contain specific KSAs requirements to be addressed by applicants. This is no difficult assignment, but it certainly takes much time and efforts. This is basically narrative statements, in which applicants address specific skills, abilities or knowledge through practical experience. Such short essays help employers understand the professional background of an applicant better and thus, take the right decision.

Employment Agencies. If you are looking for a job and you have your resume polished up you may want to consider using the assistance of employment agencies. Such organizations that help employees get hired and vice verse (help companies find good matches for job openings). Our company provides employment agencies by state (meaning we send you the list of agencies sorted by States). We also offer a list of international employment agencies if you are seeking a job outside the United States.