Every experienced employee have faced the situation when he/she had to quit. Every job seeker will eventually face this challenge too. The question is how to do it nicely. Many people ask whether there is a standard procedure or anything an employer would expect from an employee who desires to quit. Well, it seems like today everyone chooses his/her own way to do this. We believe that it is important how you choose to do it because your professional reputation depends on it. In the era of Internet, you will be surprised to know how many people can know about your quitting.

Don't Quit Like That

Before you choose how you will tell your boss about your decision to quit, you should have another job lined up. Otherwise, you risk to be in the situations when you don't have a job but because you have to pay the bills you will agree to take the first job available. As a result, you will likely want to quit soon because the job will likely be unsatisfying. Therefore, before making your decision known to your boss you should have another job waiting for you. In other words, have a plan as to what you will be doing when you quit. Now when you have a plan let us go to the actual quitting process. originalProbably one of the worst things you can do is just not to show up. This way is totally unacceptable because it demonstrates the lack of respect toward your director as well as your co-workers. Besides by acting like this, you will create additional problems for the company because your workload won't be covered right away, which subsequently can create additional challenges for other employees. No matter how you feel about your boss or the company have the courage and dignity to come and inform management about your decision.

Another wrong approach to this challenge is to sabotage yourself. Many employees fo some reason are afraid of expressing their desire to quit openly to the manager. As a result, they start messing up with their job responsibilities or argue with coworkers in order to give grounds to your boss to fire you. We have to say that such an approach can negatively affect your career as well as the atmosphere within the team you used to work with. There are some people who think that copying a client base can be a benefit in the future; however, this is one of the most stupid ideas. It will be easy to find out who did and as a result, your previous employer will sue you.

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