It is important that we enjoy our jobs. Most of us realize that it is almost unbearable to work for a company you hate. But sometimes you've got no choice because the company you hate also pays you a good salary. And many employees are caught in a situation where they want to quit the job but they can't because of the money. There are many things you might have used to while being in your high-paying track and giving that up can be way too much. So what do you do if you have found yourself in such a situation? What do you do if you want to quit but because going this way will cause much trouble and stress to you and your family that depends on the salary you receive?

Practical Tips for Those Wishing to Quit

Sometimes we face challenges that have a greater impact on us than we think they have. It often happens in our career at the companies we work for. Certain issues, problems or troubles can often become a starting point for changes. At Prime-resume we have decided to talk about one of such challenges - being unhappy about your job. The first thing you have to do when you believe you are unhappy about your job is to identify what it is that making you unhappy. Most people start thinking of quitting right after they face any kind of problems at work. But we would recommend to find out the cause first - it is a kind of job, the company you work for, someone who works along with you, or maybe a career direction you have chosen? Some of the problems often can be solved without quitting your current job. However, if you still have to make that change but you are too dependent on the salary there are several things you could do to make that transition more smooth. First, you will need some savings to live on during the employment gap. Cut down your expenses or find a way to earn extra money.

The job search can take a while so it would be good to craft a plant of action for amassing savings. You should have enough for several months before you actually quit your current job. Another thing is that you must have a plan for what you are going to do next. What do you want to do? What kind of career do you want to pursue? This kind of questions you should ask yourself while having a job. After you have the plan all you have to do is to take courage. No matter how weird it might sound, the decision to quit takes courage. That's what many many people lack - they have been ensnared by golden handcuffs. Of course, it is always easier to follow along the stream, having a nice house to live in, driving a new car, buying good food to eat... But don't let such inertia stand on your way. We are talking about your life perspectives and your happiness here, which are way more important than money or possessions. So if you analyzed the situation, devised a specific plan of actions after you quit, have enough savings to live on for the next 4-5 months, then take a step of faith to change your career and even your life.