Restaurant Server Resume Example and Writing Tips

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of restaurant servers in the US is expected to grow in the nearest future. That means that there still will be plenty of opportunities for people to exploit this niche in order to get valuable experience as well as grow professionally in the restaurant industry. At the same time, it is not going to get any easier for job seekers to land the server position, especially in the fine-dining restaurants. Writing an effective restaurant server resume then must be quite a challenge. Because the list of server responsibilities is often pretty similar for this type of jobs, it is hard to create a resume that will stand out in the eyes of prospective employers. At Prime-Resume, we love helping job seekers overcome career challenges – that’s how we came up with the idea of creating a blog about writing an effective restaurant server resume.

How to Write an Effective Restaurant Server Resume?

Seating customers, taking orders, recommend menu items, etc. – this is a standard list of duties for the server’s role. Now if you were a hiring manager, it is unlikely you would be impressed with a resume stuffed with the aforementioned phrases, especially if we are talking about fine dining establishments. There should be more than a list of clichés employers used to see on the main application documents of the candidates. Below you will find some basic tips that will help you develop a powerful server resume that will communicate your value and potential to prospective employers.

Don’t Undermine the Importance of a Server Resume

Many people trying to get the server job are either college students who need some extra cash or recent graduates who are just starting out. As a result, many people don’t take this type of job seriously and don’t bother creating a powerful resume. This is the biggest mistake job seekers can possibly make. Although this role doesn’t usually set the high bar in terms of qualifications requirements, it doesn’t mean that you can get the job without any efforts. It is a good idea to set the following statement as a rule - no matter what kind of job you are after, take it seriously and do everything you possibly can to get hired.

Include These Server Skills

There are specific skills the restaurant hiring managers are after when they look to fill in the position of a server. That means that if you are serious about getting the server job then you should at least have some of them on your main marketing document. Before we list the skills, one thing needs to be said. It is not just about mentioning them on your resume. It is better if you showed how you used those skills in the context of your work experience.

  • Point of Sales (POS) terminals
  • Customer service skills
  • Restaurant machinery and equipment
  • Math skills
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Social perceptiveness
  • Teamwork
  • Wine recommendations
  • Time management
  • Multi-tasking
  • Conflict resolution
  • Sign Language

Show Off Your Server’s Experience with Numbers

It is easy to quantify accomplishments if you are a sales manager or a financial planner. For the server jobs, it is not common but nevertheless, it is possible. Although most job seekers have a hard time understanding what kind of numbers they can add to their work experience section, there are actually a couple of opportunities to do so. The best way is to describe how you increased guest check averages (%). However, not all restaurant servers have this on the list of their accomplishments. Alternatively, one can mention how many seats the dining establishment had (for example, a 100+ seat restaurant). By making these simple edits, your server resume will automatically become better than the majority of resumes the HRs review for this position.

Add Other Information Related to the Server Jobs

Work experience, education, and skills are not the only resume sections you can have on your main marketing document. Keep in mind that you can use any relevant information that can help you position yourself as a strong candidate for this job. What can that possibly be?

  • Experience in food preparation
  • Bartender experience
  • Additional food handling certificates
  • Customer service/conflict resolution training
  • Community involvement and volunteering (related to the food industry or customer service)

While this may not be the most important information, it can still help the hiring managers see that your life has been tightly connected either with the food industry or customer service (which is great). Such small details help restaurant managers and decision makers have a better picture of the candidates.

Restaurant Server Resume Example

Server Resume Example (Text Version)


81 Vermont Road, Boynton Beach, FL 33453 | 831-356-356 | |


Highly energetic and organized Server with 7+ years of experience ensuring customer satisfaction by providing exceptional service to guests in various settings ranging from cafes to fine-dining restaurants. Effective in establishing and developing memorable guest experiences by managing orders in a timely manner and providing recommendations based on customer preferences. Skilled in anticipating and fulfilling guest needs, managing special orders, and resolving guest issues.

Core Skills & Proficiencies: Point of Sales Systems, Process Improvement, Marketing, Customer Interactions, Customer Concerns Resolution, Social Perceptiveness, Wine Knowledge, Sign Language, Teamwork


Restaurant Server

 RESTAURANT SERVERFINE DINING, Boynton Beach, FL, 2016-Present

Provide customer service and enhance the dining experience by seating guests, managing orders, addressing guest concerns, and recommending specific menu items. Initiate process improvement tools that helped to manage orders more efficiently. Coordinated with kitchen staff to deliver accurate orders in a timely manner. Upsell desserts, beverages, and appetizers to increase guest check averages. Collect payments and resolved transaction issues. 

Key Accomplishments:

- Increased guest check averages by 18% by promoting wine selection and specialty items.

- Recognized as Lead Server Secured to mentor new hires on menu items and service standards as well as oversee opening and closing of the restaurant.

SERVER - LONDON CAFE, Boynton Beach, FL, 2012-2016 

Provided personalized recommendations on menu items ensuring prompt and accurate service to all guests. Assisted in creating and implementing marketing programs and front-of-house displays to attract more guests. Assisted kitchen staff with cooking food and preparing orders; helped bartender and lounge staff in ensuring smooth guest experiences. 

Key Accomplishments:

- Helped increase the number of guests by initiating marketing programs.

- Received the Best Employee of the Year Award 2015.


Bachelor of Science in Marketing | Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL



- Cooked food and prepare beverages for charity food festivals.

- Delivered meals and drinks; organized lists of people participating in the charity food festivals.

- Assisted in developing and implementing marketing initiatives to promote food festivals.

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