There are more restaurants which offer the perfect refuge for employees who need not only fat pay but also good benefits.

CKE Restaurants is also a fast food restaurant. It is one of the generous employers who grant employees the best package when it comes to compensation agreements. It assists in the continued pursuance of its employees, where some students belong, of education. It gives rewards, not only a tip but a service incentive, like maybe allowing its employees to go on vacation leave or to receive a raise during a good day. The employees also have the rare opportunity to buy stock plans. The employees, despite being in a fast food restaurant, are not pressured to exhaustion. Everyone is happy.

Olive Garden Restaurant, a restaurant from Texas, is also a worthy employee. Since the jobs of the employees here are pressure-filled, the employees are paid well. It has a lofty achievement of being included in the list developed by Fortune 500 of the country's top fine dining restaurants. Since the restaurant is currently growing and thus expanding, it is in demand of managers. Olive Garden Restaurant offers to give its employees a beneficial retirement plan. Aside from the good pay, a retirement plan implies that when one gets accepted to the restaurant, he has to prepare himself to spend almost the rest of his life within the company. The plan signifies a long-term relationship with the restaurant. This is a security that anyone rarely comes by with. Thus, anyone would be wasting too much opportunity to let go of an Olive Garden Restaurant job offer.

Apple Metro is also another fine dining restaurant. It unsurprisingly has its branches in the Apple City, New York. It has quite a reputation in the big city. When it gets to survive in New York, then it must really serve good food, with even better employees serving it. It has employees that are well-compensated which translates to excellent service. It also gives its employees opportunities to learn food preparation, food service, and even management. It does not set too high qualifications for employees which gives a bigger chance to those aspiring applicants.

Nordstrom stores are restaurants that have four different set-ups to suit the taste variety of customers. By having four set-ups, they need more baristas and chefs. The restaurant's pay is good. Most of all, it gives its employees the taste of different restaurants, due to its four set-ups. They get to experience the set-ups in rotation and this means that they are getting an education while working. This is what is referred to as professional or occupational growth within the company. This will help the employees not to get stuck with what they have learned at school or at previous trainings. When they do learn, this means endless opportunities for them.

Another thing is that when the employers train their employees, considering that training is expensive, they will not let go of the employees easily. If they do, they know that they will be wasting their own resources. In a way, this is another security grant for the employees.