People relocate for different reasons. Some are trying to get away from the regions where natural disasters happen very often. Others have found cheaper housing and have bought new home… One of the top reasons for relocating is better job opportunities. No matter what makes you relocate, it still remains one of the toughest resume challenges job-seekers face today. In this article, we would like to address the issue of relocating and share several ideas about how you can increase your chances of being invited for an interview.

Companies: “There are always talents in our region!” First and foremost, one has to understand that companies are a little bit reluctant about hiring people from different states because they are not willing to relocate candidates from other states/countries. It is true in 95% unless companies look for a specific industry specialist or rare type of experts and you are the one. The matter of the fact is that they believe there is always someone in a local area experienced and talented enough to take up the needed role in a company. Besides, there are so many people unemployed – there has to be someone who can match the position requirements. This is what drives HR managers’ thinking and we should say it makes sense. Another reason why employers are reluctant about searching employees in different states or even countries is relocation expenses. No company would like to spend extra money on covering your relocation expenses. Besides, it is always a risk on a company’s behalf to hire someone from a different place, because there is always a possibility of that employee to go back to his/her town when the circumstances change there. Who would want to take the risk and what the HR representative would like to take the responsibility of hiring such a person?

Anything you can do? moving_dayThere is no magic pill here that will guarantee your employment when relocating. There is nothing you can do to secure an interview we should say. However, there are several things you could that might help you during this relocating process. If you really need/want to find the job in a different state, you have to be ready for that place and spend some time there looking for a job. There is just no way you will be able to find the job from a distant location as well as arranging several interviews at one day and appropriate time. You have to be realistic about your expectations: it is not always easy to find employment in your local area; finding a job in a different area is more difficult and won’t grant you 10 interviews by default (just because you are from a different state). It may do the opposite though. One has to be prepared to cover own relocation costs. No company will be delighted to spend extra money on your relocation.

Certainly, some companies do that for their employees, but those are exceptions rather than the rules. Take physical address off your resume. This is another thing that can contribute to the overall success of your relocation experience. You can even use the address of your relatives or friends that live in the area you want to relocate to. There is no need to mention before an interview that you are not from the area to your potential employer. Otherwise will likely reduce your chances of getting hired. It is not about fooling your employers telling them lies, it is just sharing specific information in the right moment. To sum it all up, this is a difficult challenge, but not impossible for sure. Be prepared, train to speak confidently because you will have your chances.