If you are looking for a job a resume is all you have got to make a first impression on employers. And depending on what kind of resume you have this impression will be either positive or negative. When applying for jobs you should remember that you don't have a second chance. Obviously, typos, grammatical mistakes, irrelevant experience, wrong formatting don't contribute to a good impression at all. In fact, they almost guarantee just the opposite. The task of every job seeker then boils down to crafting a resume that will draw the attention of hiring authorities by making a positive first impression. That means including whatever seems relevant and right and excluding everything that can send your resume to a 'no' pile. Today we would like to talk about what makes your resume look dated, which can definitely become a turn-off for employers.

What Makes Your Resume Look Dated?

outdatedtechEven if you used your resume a year ago it is worth looking at it again in order to see if there is nothing that could become a turn-off for employers. And the first thing that says HRs that your resume is dated is a lot of vague and generic information about what you did in the past. Many job seekers don't want to spend time developing their own job descriptions look for them online. Then they copy-paste what they find on the Internet onto their resume. The times of such resume have passed by long ago as hiring managers want to see more of specific accomplishments.

Or sometimes people make another mistake - they highlight accomplishments that are considered givens, which will send wrong signals to HRs. To cut the story short, don't be generic and don't brag about the things that are considered must-have because these things make your resume look dated. If your resume has an objective statement you better take it off. An objective statement today is something most HR managers won't be expecting to see. Especially if job seekers don't say anything there apart from what kind of job they want to get. Remember, your resume isn't about what you can get but what you can give. Starting with objective was okay five years ago but now it seems like it is an outdated thing. It is way better to start with a statement that brings a clear message about your relevant experience and accomplishments. In other words from the very beginning instead of saying what you want to tell employers about your value and how you can help the company.

Another option is to start with a summary section which is essentially the same thing but a little bit longer. Today a resume is a tool that is meant to get you an interview and a job eventually. And it is more than just listing your career experiences and highlighting relevant skills. Employers expect more from resumes than they did 5 years ago. Therefore, it is a must to use all of the tools available. Include the links to your social network accounts (prior to cleaning them up a little bit to delete a compromising content if there is any). If you have a personal website with portfolio samples - that is awesome, let employers know about that. In other words, anything that could prove your professionalism and value is more than needed on your resume...