The resume is your first step towards achievement and the best resume would win the contest. So you must have the right type of skills and the right type of qualifications. The skills must be of high standards and they must have the best of the content. Your achievements also make a big difference if you have achievements in both sports and academic then you have brighter chances that your resume would be selected. But when thinking about getting the best job for yourself, you might think to include the skills that you have never achieved or learned. This false information on your resume would not look nice, it may make your resume highly rated but you know it from the inside that your resume is not the replica of you. You may be tempted to include the skills that you have not learned such as programming language and satisfying yourself by saying that if I am selected then it is just a matter of weekend and I would learn it easily. You may even try to extend the months of your job. If they ask you the company was closed or they ran out of business.

You may think that what's wrong in including just a few minor lies and building up your resume, you have not made a crime as big as a bank robbery or you have not hurt anyone by doing this. You have just added some stars that are not visible. These thoughts end up at once when you are caught cheating.

Your human resource manager can take the right decision of treating you the hard way. They can find out in a few months that you are not what you have claimed. They would then start to seriously verify your documents and resume. The company which has never had a dishonest person and has him now then there would be severe actions taken on him and his creditability. The companies provide a conduct certificate to each employee for their honestly and attitude at work, the black marks can be seriously shutting doorways for your career and they may even inform other companies about you through your database. If you try to find another job then the hiring manager may make calls to the previous company and verify your details, then you may be thrown out again.

Remember these words; it may help you in the right way. You cannot be what you are not, instead try to be what you are and achieve your goal that way.