A successful salesperson with a good track record of delivering high profits and strong revenues in competitive markets, aiming to get a Sales Manager position.

With more than 15 years of experience in the field, including the necessary skills to function in sales and marketing as well as key account development. Such as Team Building/ Leadership/ Sales and Marketing Vendor-Client Relations/ Key Account Development / Market Analysis

Tips on Resume Making

  1. Headings and Name should not be too small or too big it should be at least font size 14 to 16; address 11 or 12
  2. Font size should not be smaller than 11 and no larger than 12 except for the headings and your Name.
  3. Make sure to have an Objective and or a Title Heading do not make the recruiter or hiring manager guess what position you are applying for.
  4. Make a Profile statement or provide a career overview
  5. Make sure that your Objective is not weak, avoid clichŠ¹, avoid stating vague statements, state what you can do for the company not just what you are expecting from them.
  6. The resume should support the Objective, be consistent.
  7. Write down accomplishments and career achievements (sell it, don't tell it!)
  8. Use industry-specific terminology; impress the interviewer by using keywords related to the industry.
  9. Jobs are not in the proper order-see below for more on resume tips and formats
  10. Expand each sentence, make them interesting
  11. Sake each wording on your resume strong
  12. Do not repeat the same information too many times.
  13. Proof-read it; have someone else do the proofreading. You do not want your resume to be filled with typos and error.
  14. Do not put irrelevant job experiences or information.
  15. Make sure that the Style you will be using is not outdated
  16. The Second page should not be too short, fill at least half of the paper
  17. Do not forget to indicate your name on the second page.
  18. Use only the town and state of your previous employer
  19. Do not indicate the full dates of employment just use the month and year
  20. Do not write down your reason for leaving
  21. Use "References Available Upon Request" statement, it is not wrong, references are not necessary. Keep in mind that the employer will ask for it if they need them.
  22. Always attach a cover letter but use a different sheet for the salary information
  23. Do not include unrelated interests or hobbies such as "long walks, music, knitting, and puzzles", only include these interests if it is related to the career you choose.
  24. Do not include personal information; leave off information that tells if you are married or with kids. It is a risk of possible discrimination, plus it is irrelevant.