If you are not finding any response then one of the reasons may be that your resume may be outdated. If you have not searched for a job for many days or months or even years then your resume is outdated and follow the following tips to help yourself. It would help you as to how to update your resume and what right content should be added. If you consider that updating your resume is just adding a new date and good looking font and a beautiful cover to it then you might be in the wrong idea. This is not what is updating and would require serious attention.

Three Resume Formats

There are three resume formats that you need to follow in order to create a good resume. They are as follows:

Presentation Resume

This is the resume type I mentioned earlier. These resumes are for presenting the content cleanly and nicely. You can use good looking and attractive fonts and these are the most used ones. They are being used for long to impress the interviewer but in today's world, you need to add more than this.

Keyword Scannable Resume

This is one of the best ways to present your resume. The keywords and the phrases are an important composite of your resume. They highlight your skills and your achievements in the right manner and they are what your interviewer is looking for. Suppose you have used many keywords in your resume then your resume has better chances of being selected. The fact is that your resume goes under the keyword search; your interviewer is also looking for some correct type of keywords to select your resume. So if your resume has the best of the keywords and many of them then your resume is rated as the best one or highly rated. So make sure your resume has the keywords in all the fields and they are not repeated. Give distinct keywords to every section and field

This format is one of the latest discoveries brought on the scene to keep up with the changing trend. In today's world, most of the companies either small or big will most often scan your resumes into their database mainly for future retrieval. a resume should contain proper information about the candidate. A resume should be projected with catchy and attractive fonts. Mostly Arial or Tahoma are used in the resume. It is important that letter in a resume should not merge with the other letters in the resume; otherwise, it is very difficult to scan the documents using optical scanning software. There is also a possibility of messing up information in the resume.

Every resume should contain a special set of keywords which should be separated by a comma, periods. Experiences, Education, job title in a resume are defined by a common set of nouns, which should be present above the professional experience section. Resume should be prepared in such a way to project the candidate suitable for the applied job.