ASCII Resume

You must be wondering whether what is ASCII, it is American Standard Code for Information Interchange that is used to apply for a few different types of jobs and for e-mailing purpose. These types of resume are different and they have different expectations. You can apply for bank jobs, online jobs on forums,,, etc. like the keyword resume had the criteria for the right type keywords and many of them in such way the ASCII resume has its own criteria. Such as, the font must be of the type courier new or courier.

In the older days, it was possible to send your resume to the interviewer in a simple way. But the competition in today's world demands you to be one step ahead of everyone or at least together them, you just cannot lag behind. Unless you know the person whom you have sent the resume things would not work out for you.

Follow the steps below to achieve what you are looking for. They are:

  • You need to justify leaving your document with margin 6.5
  • The size of the font must be around 12-point and the type of font used must be courier or courier new.
  • There must no bold letters, italics or underline made in the resume. If you intend to use any tables make sure they are in the text format and separate them by commas.
  • Convert any special character to the basic keyboard function, for example, convert the numberings into the normal format of asterisks. You may remove one or two points from it as per your need.
  • Now after making all these changes convert your document into the normal plain text format and you may save it as MS-DOS text also, you can perform this task from your MS WORD itself by selecting the save type