Your resume is your replication, the better your resume the better chances you have to get shortlisted. If you have a good resume then the recruiter will see you above the most individuals that have applied, from 100 your resume should look different and appealing. The resume is most important and the one who has an appropriate resume with the right skills and the right attitude towards that job is the favorite. The recruiter is not going to see you in person first and so if you do not have a great then you might fall with the losers group.

You must not try to cheat and add extra details in your resume as it would hit you in the end. The company which has never had a dishonest person and has him now then there would be severe actions taken on him and his creditability. The companies provide a conduct certificate to each employee for their honestly and attitude at work, the black marks can be seriously shutting doorways for your career and they may even inform other companies about you through your database.

Make sure you have highlighted all the keywords in your resume so that you know how many have you used and are they the right ones. Do this in your word document or manually. Make use of common keywords to define the right type of skill such as JAVA, COBALT, UDP, OS, C++, etc. These are the commonly used keywords in different fields of a job so their short form must be known worldwide. The keywords that you have used make a note of them and analyze the tense used in them. Now that you know all the keywords that you have used and their type, make a keyword summary from it.

You must make sure that you review your resume time to time get a better response to it and you must keep updating it with the best of the contents first and then descend to the least important contents. Your resume is your face and your replica, so see that it looks as beautiful as you actually are.