Internationally known Software Engineer, with an advanced degree in mathematics, good programming skills and well experienced in developing new algorithm based software. Author of many complex technical and scientific publications. Languages know include English, German and Spanish. Has expertise in cross-geographical coordination. It can help find effective solutions and bring new innovations that will lead the company towards growth and development.

Wow! The candidate has been able to get the employer's attention. The employer is interested in knowing more about him. Let us see, why the candidate has been successful in capturing the interest and attention of the employer.

In the first line the candidate states his intended position (Software Engineer), this tells about his job and also what he does. It reflects his focus, his interest. He presents himself to a targeted audience

He has given a clear picture of the targeted skills and credentials. Programming skills, algorithm-based software, and advanced mathematics mentioning them work as a support for his candidacy. He has given the reason as to why he should be employed.


He has to his credit a number of publications on technical and scientific subjects. He is an accomplished professional who stands out in a crowd. He might be the person they are looking for.

Other specialties: he is internationally acclaimed and also has knowledge of at least three foreign languages, in addition to it he has experience in coordinating cross-geographical team and has been employed by global leaders. All these factors make him a desirable candidate as opposed to others

Responsibilities vs Achievements

You can also create an impressive résumé by writing a job description in a short paragraph below each company name and job title. Using bullets you can also highlight your achievements. Evaluated quality and performance during call backs and customer satisfaction surveys. Oversaw service technicians and few field specialist. Planned and executed allocation of budgets and manpower resources with an objective to promote optimized work force and cost effective administration

Assessed and improved workers performance through field follow up and reviews.

Outstanding skills in selecting and recruiting quality workers.

Now you know how

Make good use of these tips and come up with a great résumé. In no time you will have a lot of job offers.