If you are stuck with writing your own resume you can either go with a resume writing service or you can search for professional tips on how to develop one. With the help of Prime-Resume.com job seekers though don't even have to conduct a diligent search - our service provides free recommendations and tips through its blog articles. Before even starting to write something though one has to understand what type of format needs to be chosen. In other words, you have to realize how to arrange and organize information about your past experience, education, skills, etc.

3 Basic Resume Writing Formats

The good news is that there are not many resume writing formats - only 3 of them. We cannot say that there is one that is better than the other because job seekers have to choose the format based on their credentials and work experience. three-optionsReverse chronological format. This type of format assumes listing one's experience in reverse chronological order (most recent jobs go first). The professional experience section is somewhat central to this type of resume. It includes the names of the companies, dates of employment, and the list of specific duties and accomplishments for each job. This format is the most popular among job seekers as they understand how to demonstrate credibility through gained experience. It is also easy to show career growth through promotions over time. This format is great if you do have career growth and don't have any gaps in your employment history. Functional format. This type of resume lists professional experience and qualifications sorted by skill areas. It is better to use one when you want to change a career or just emphasize specific competency.

The functional format may also be a good choice for those who don't have extensive professional experience and would like rather concentrate on what they have done rather than for how long they are in the business. Some job openings require very specific skills - in this case, the functional format will be the most effective as it gives you the opportunity to highlight and focus on the particular competencies.

The hybrid format. This is the resume that combines the elements of both reverse chronological and functional formats. It is organized in a way with a functional job skills list followed by the reverse chronological list of the companies one has worked for. It is basically a mix of two previous format types. Before you start sending your resume you are to make sure it meets the requirements of the job opening you are applying for. Don't be surprised if you hear from resume writing professionals and career counselors that you have to tailor your resume for each and every job opening. This is absolutely true! There is no more effective way than customizing the application documents for every potential employer.

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