offers a list of resume writing services by levels: entry, professional, executive, federal, and career change levels. Some people are confused when ordering the services because they are not sure what resume writing level would be the most appropriate in their case. In order to help our clients in this choice, we have started the series of articles in our blog describing in detail the difference between these types of resumes. There is just one resume writing level we haven't talked about - career change.

What Is Different in This Type of Resume?

149928-425x298-time-for-career-changeThe career change resume contains the same information as a professional or an executive resume. No new information categories are to be added to such common sections as work experience, education, training, accomplishments, etc. The difference is the presentation or the organization of the information. The fact that one has decided to change the career direction speaks of the desire to seek different experiences. By different experiences, most people mean something they enjoy doing. If this is the case for you then before writing your resume you should check whether you really can do what you love doing. Sometimes our desires don't match our capabilities and opportunities. This is where you have to be completely honest with yourself. If objective self-evaluation is the problem you can always turn to companies who provide such services. Like any other resume, the career change CV should demonstrate that you will be a good match for the company. To accomplish this task the candidate has to demonstrate proficiency and competence as well as skills and commitment.

The problem with the career change is probably you don't have specific experience required for the job you want. This constitutes the biggest challenge in resume writing. What you should do is to organize the information flow in a way that would highlight skills and experience related to the applying position. Even if you apply for a sales management position after working in the role of an IT Specialist for 10 years, we bet that you have what to offer (analytical skills, problem-solving, etc.) This is the primary task - to focus on skills and accomplishments that would be valuable for the potential employer. We should also note that it usually takes much more to successfully change the career than simply developing a new resume. Because it is a complex process it can also take some time. One of the other things job seekers could do is calling and emailing people to get an interview opportunity. Trying to build personal contact can play a huge part in getting hired.