It seems like in every single blog post about resume writing we have mentioned that results is what makes a huge difference for most employers. However, not so often we take time to explain what hiring authorities mean when they say they want to see results. A lot of job seekers believe that whatever they did in the past should have results (which is true), but the big mistake they make is that daily responsibilities don't necessarily demonstrate any results. You could supervise 10 employees for 10 years and achieve nothing. And you can supervise 10 employees and achieve significant results. You, as a job seeker, have to demonstrate that you didn't work with no result.

Making a Difference with Your Resume

Making a difference with your resume isn't the same as impressing someone during a meeting. It is different because when reviewing your resume hiring authorities can't see your personality (which plays a great role during an interview); only facts that you choose to include onto your CV. Therefore, job seekers are to be very careful when they choose how to develop their application documents. Facts about your professional experience become somewhat central in your resume. Below you can find some useful tips on how you can make a difference in your job hunting efforts. 452988-35521-1Almost all career and resume assistance web resources recommend quantifying your achievements. At we have no reason to argue with this statement. Defining your accomplishments in specific numbers will certainly add credibility and transparency to your resume making it much more effective. For example, you can mention specifically by what percentage you have increased the sales through your marketing programs... or how many money you saved for the company as a result of your waste management initiatives. In these statements, you can also mention the resources that you had for achieving success - having few resources and showing growth is an extremely attractive characteristic for any candidate.

Another thing you can do is to demonstrate growth/progress. If you have nothing to show off in terms of numbers you can highlight how you changed the negative tendency of the company's development into a positive pattern. This section is a little bit more difficult to organize as it requires perfect wording, but you still have to give it a shot. For example, you can describe any initiative or program that helped to solve a specific problem or increased operations efficiency. Also, a valuable portion of information can become any project that contributed to the overall growth of the company. The only requirement to such statements is that they clearly show how what you did had an influence on the company.

Polishing Up Your Resume

If you don't know how to successfully integrate all that you achieved into your resume you can always contact one of our live support operators. We will be more than willing to provide professional resume writing and editing assistance, ensuring your resume/CV/cover letter will stand out.

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