There are many mistakes people often do when they write a résumé. These are simple mistakes that could have been easily identified and corrected. However, most people submit their résumés without checking and correcting any of those mistakes. Unfortunately, they do not realize this is the greatest mistake they are doing, they do not even think that they are wasting their time and effort in preparing a résumé that will not get anyone interested. A good idea would be to get your résumé checked by a professional before you submit it, after all, you will not be able to submit another one.

Common mistakes in a résumé

Spelling and Grammar

Most résumés are with spelling and grammatical mistakes, the most common mistake of all. It might be an exceptional case to come across a résumé without any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Such a résumé will surely turn off any reader. These mistakes reflect the lack of attention to details on the part of the job seeker, it conveys his careless attitude. Job seekers fail to realize, their small mistake has cost them a job.


The other mistake is formatting. The right format is a difficult task to achieve. It has to have a perfect balance. The lengths should be correct too. It needs to look easy-to-read and good. Given the hectic schedule of your employers, they do not have enough time to through every résumé. Your content might be just right, but it will not attract any reader unless its presentation is good.


Having a great writing skill does not mean that you can get the content right. Writing the content is a little tricky; you can put the same content in a different way. If you are smart enough, you will know how to put the content right. Write correctly and get your dream job, write it wrong and you lose the same

Profile/ Objective

Only about 10% of résumés get the profiles and objectives right, the others they struggle to get it right. A lot of résumés need to be completely rewritten, these peoples do not have the basic skills and experience to write good profiles/ objectives. Writing a good profile/objective is essential; this is what makes you stand out in a crowd.

The X factor

You have a great résumé with no spelling and grammatical mistakes, no formatting flaws, the content is perfect and you are still not called for an interview. Do you want to know why? Simple, your résumé does not set you apart from the rest. Many people are applying for the same job. The others too have come out with a great résumé. You need to do something to make your résumé ‘stand out'; otherwise it will get stacked in a pile and remain unnoticed.

Other Mistakes

The mistakes we mentioned above are just a few common mistakes most people do when writing a résumé. We receive many résumés from people who are sure they have not made any mistakes, they want to make it sure, so they ask us to double check it for them; imagine their surprise when we point it out to them.

How do I avoid these mistakes?

Review your résumé. Take some time and read it in detail, identify the mistakes, correct them. Find out the areas which can be improved. Be sure of what you are looking for. Proofread again and again.