Sabotaging Your Job Search

When we really want something we put efforts into it. If you want an ice-cream you either ask someone to buy it for you or you go and buy it yourself. With a job search, it is not so easy though. Sometimes getting a job seems so complicated and difficult that many job seekers are frustrated about what they should be doing... The matter of the fact is that often the unemployed sabotage their own job search by what they do. And unless one changes it he/she can be searching for a job for a very long time. In this article, we will list several most popular job search mistakes so that you could compare and see if any of them could be applied to you.

Things You Shouldn't Be Doing

Many people often don't think about what they want in terms of employment. They don't really care that much where they are going to work. What really matters to them is their salary. As a result, they apply to every single job opening that could provide an expected salary range. With such lack of focus one may be sabotaging the job search itself as being all for all isn't very effective. As a result, people don't think they should put any big efforts into it because they aren't looking for anything big - someone will respond and provide the job... But the unemployed have to realize that job searching is all about commitment. If you don't invest in it, there is no way you will get much out of it.

Another problem with the job search many people have is expectations that are far from reality. There is no question about the fact that you are a talented professional. We all know how good we are. The real truth is though that sometimes we magnify our own achievements and accomplishments way too much. Either you are a recent graduate or you have worked for years in the industry you should keep your expectations real. Employers don't like demanding candidates, especially if they cannot back up their demands by actual accomplishments that could be related to the applying job. So setting realistic expectations will help you be more effective in your job search. It is natural for humans to be focused on their own needs. However, such an approach is not very good when it comes to seeking employment.

When you are invited for an interview with your salary, a number of vacation days, flexible schedule or health insurance shouldn't be the main subject of your speech/questions/interest. If you have been using these as criteria to evaluate meetings and opportunities then you might want to change such an approach. The thing is that employers are looking for people who will be able to bring value to the company. In other words, they like candidates who offer things, not demand things. If you are more concerned about how much you can get out of it then most likely you will be turned down in no time.

Are You Saying "No" Too Quickly?

When the job opening doesn't sound perfect it doesn't necessarily mean you should turn it down immediately. Those seeking employment should be open to new opportunities even if they don't sound perfect on a paper. It is useful to on interviews, listen to what recruiters have to say. This way you will be able to learn more about how it works and you can be surprised what it can bring you in the long ruin. Being open is always a plus, so stop saying "no" too quickly and try new opportunities more.

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