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Most job seekers as they prepare for an interview are concerned about answering tough questions. Probably because a good deal of interviews feel more like interrogations. At least that's how people usually perceive such meetings. That is why googling common interview questions is the most popular activity among candidates one or two days prior to the meeting. However, when job seekers focus on how to handle tough questions, they miss out another important aspect of the entire thing - asking questions themselves. The truth of the matter is that any interview is a two way street. And while hiring managers are entitled to make sure you are the right fit for their company, you are to take care of yourself by finding out whether this particular job opening is the right move for you. Besides, if you don't have any questions at all, you run the risk of the hiring authorities assuming you aren't really interested in the job enough.

Examples: How to Prepare Questions to Ask Interviewer

Interestingly enough, questions to ask an interviewer may make the strongest impression on potential employers. It may have never occurred to you but by carefully preparing your questions you can actually show your interest in the company, drive to thrive in the position, and preparedness for the interview. The real challenge is to come up with these smart questions that will lead the potential employer to believe that you are the right hire for the company. Here are some examples that you can use for future interviews:

QUESTION #1: What are the expectations for this position during the first 30/60/90 days, and 1 year? This is a great question and could be tailored according to specific position requirements. Asking this question will a) give you an understanding what the employer's expectations will be in regard to your performance and b) give an understanding to a potential employer of you as a goal-oriented candidate. Related to this subject, you could also clarify what success looks like both for the company in general and for the position specifically. 

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QUESTION #2: What are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the department now? You can make it more specific (impressive) by researching some information about the company but even the generic question like this can both give you a valuable information as well as help recruiters understand where you are coming from professionally. It may well be that after asking this question you will know what your next steps in the position could be if hired.

QUESTION #3: What is the common path for someone in this position? Knowing how advancement works in the company will not only help you understand what opportunities may open up for you in the nearest future but also for employers it means that you actually plan to stay in the company for a while. Considering how often people choose to quit jobs today, the companies are particularly interested in the candidates who stay long.

QUESTION #4: Is there anything I've said that raises any doubts in my candidacy? Now this is a tough one. Not many job seekers have courage to ask this question. It makes sense because in essence this question reads "Why do you not want to hire me?". But asking this question should help you in your next steps in the process. Also, the answer might give you a chance to cover some things you hadn't thought about before the interview.

How Can I Come Up With My Own Questions?

The aforementioned questions are quite generic and can be used by pretty much any job seeker at any interview. We believe that preparing more specific questions based on the company information and job requirements would do a better job at positioning you a strong candidate. We highly recommend studying the requirements as well as company info before developing any questions. Please stay away from asking questions about information that could be easily found through a Google search. Also don't ask about pay and raises. Instead, focus on the company and how mutually beneficial your relationships could be.

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