If you are looking to get yourself a good job then you must possess all the skills necessary. You must be talented, adaptable, versatile, etc. even if you have all these skills and it is difficult for you to get through the first round then it is your resume which is lacking the skill. If you are not getting any response from the company that means they have dumped your resume. Do not sit back due to the disadvantage of your resume, you just need a few good tips on how to create a good resume. Your resume is the first step to success; few different types of resumes are listed below:

Chronological Resume Format

The specialty of a chronological format is that it projects your experience in a listed manner. The experience is listed in descending order. The experience gained in the company that you have worked last to the experience gained first. You must present your educational qualifications in such a way that your interviewer is impressed and makes a good judgment on your quality. Your resume should be so good that it attracts your interviewer and makes him interested in you. In order to do so, you must make use of phrases and keywords. It is very important that one makes use of the keywords and above that the right type of keywords.

Every chronological resume includes the educational qualification summary. But in order to get a good impression on your interviewer, it is necessary that you present your skills skillfully. In your qualification summary, you must present your goals and your area of interest, where you see yourself from now in the upcoming years, the interviewer will enjoy reading ambitious and thoughtful resumes. The application of chronological resumes should be done in the following circumstances:

  • When you have a really impressive or a long experience history or if the job that you have applied for requires the experience history.
  • Generally, it is better to present experience in chronological format, it gives a detailed look to it and makes it look presentable.

Functional Resume Format

This kind of resume format is used when you have to apply for the post that requires you to present your skills and your qualifications. In this type of resume, it is not necessary to present your experience in a detailed manner. This type of resume is very efficient for the ones who have good technical skills

and good educational qualifications. They may not possess good experience history but they may be well qualified. You can impress your interviewer with your good skills and qualifications with the help of keywords. The keywords can be used for any field and section in your resume. The better way would be to include keywords that are appropriate and exceptionally well suited

Combinational Resume Format

The combinational format is one of the best formats; it is the combination of both chronological and functional resume. The combinational resumes are best suited for the ones who have both good experience and good educational qualifications. You can present your skills in a detailed manner and list your experience from the latest to the very first one. This would help you to apply for any kind of job and would give you a new professional look. It is one of the most used options for many people. At some stage, your resume would surely look like a combinational resume.

So, make sure you present your skills and your qualification and your experience in such a way that you have an upper hand in the competition. Make sure to use the right keyword in the right way.