A resume is a written form of you. It reflects you. It talks about your strengths, weakness qualifications. It even speaks about your achievements contributions. According to Mr. Troutman who is the president of The Resume Place "A great resume is not just a list of employment and education but it is a selling document". According to the famous resume specialist, Nancy Leaderman resume is like a snapshot. The resume that you prepare must reflect your various skills. It should speak about you to your potential employer. It should be of some standard format. It won't be advisable if it goes for many pages. It could be of maximum 2 or 3 pages. It should be different for every different job that you may apply for. It would be advisable if you prepare various forms of resume for different jobs. It should follow some kind of order and should be short and informative. With respect to the visual appeal, the resume should be presented in a good manner.

According to Ms. Leaderman, it should be printed in a laser printout. It provides a very good look at the résumé. You can also make use of a very high-quality dot-matrix printer but the preferred one is the laser printer. She says that the look of the resume could be altered according to the profession you are applying for. She says it is similar to dressing which is different for a different profession. She says that the resume that you prepare for a bank job must be different from that of an advertisement job. She says that the resume must be printed on a white bond sheet paper and must be 12 points black ink. We could also use some graphics such as bullets, numberings, etc. you can even use color ink but it would be distracting to the reader. If you think you should impress your potential employer by sending some creative work then you could send it separately but not with the resume.