A resume is basically a document that represents yourself to the future employer and hence it should be prepared with great care and sincerity.

According to Kathryn Troutman who is a person in The Resume Place a resume must say not only where you worked but it should speak on how well you worked in that place. The resume must speak about your accomplishments. For example, if the person who is going to prepare his resume then he could mention his experiences. if he has worked as a project leader in a team for 5 years then he could speak about it and also the various accomplishments made by him during his working tenure. He could the projects that he headed and the awards that he got by performing exceptionally well in that project. This shows that the person who has applied is a very good worker and would add value to the organization that he joins. According to Leaderman, the resume should mostly contain active verbs while speaking about your accomplishments. You can use verbs such as managed, lead instead of using phrases such as was responsible for. This is because most of the organizations nowadays use optical scanners and it usually lookout for key phrases.

Moreover, it would be useful and attractive when the resume is scanned just by the human eye. Organizations use these optical scanners because they have to look out at hundreds of resumes that reach them every day. It would be easy and cost effective for them to filter the resumes this way. Troutman says that your resume should elaborate on what you say. You shouldn't just say lead a team instead you should specify very clearly the various things that were a part of your job profile in your previous employment. The next thing that you could do to increase your chances of being called for an interview read the ads carefully and regularly. The thing to do is to find 5-10 keywords that the employers lookout in your area of work. Try to incorporate these words into your resume so that it would become more attractive.