A resume is basically you in a printed form. it represents you to your potential employer. it contains various details about you. It contains your educational and experience details. it should be usually two pages long and should contain brief information about yourself.

Functions of a Resume

The popular belief is that the résumé's main function is to get a job but the résumé's actual purpose is to get you an interview with the potential employer. This function of the resume is very important and is very significant in this competitive world. Let's see what happens to your resume that you have mailed. The HR person receives 100-200 emails every day regarding jobs. His first aim would be to reduce this number into something manageable such as 10-20.here the first thing your resume undergoes is filtration process. Every organization usually has some kind of an optical reader which scans the resume for relevant keywords and selects the resume which has these keywords and rejects the others. The HR people look at your resume for only about 10-15 seconds.

They select a resume based on the key selling points at the top of your résumé. It could be your qualification or your experience. The thing that has to be kept in mind while preparing a resume is to follow a standard format. The resume must be printed on a white bond sheet and should be printed in a 12 point bold black format. It could be different for different types of professions. The HR people divide the resumes into things to be read and the resumes to be disposed of. if your resumes make into the resumes to be read then you have a good chance of being called for an interview and eventually getting the job. The thing to be kept in mind is that the whole process is done based on your résumé.

The employer knows about you from your résumé. He would use your resume and compare it with his job requirements. When you are selected for the interview you are to attend the interview and even then your resume plays a major part in your selection process. When you leave after your interview you leave your resume back with the interviewer and he uses the resume to compare you with your competitors. Let's assume that after the interview there are 10 candidates who appear fit for the job now the company has to make a choice among the candidates. Then the panel members decide how to eliminate all the other candidates. This is done by comparing the various résumés. They try to find faults with the resumes. Even at this stage, it is the resume that plays a major role in getting you the job.