Most people who start out their career journey dream of ending up in a large company. Most of the students graduating from their universities think of becoming managers at big and famous corporations doing something very important one day. However, as it often turns out things have a different perspective when they are looked upon at a different angle. While working for a large company is rewarding it may also have some downsides which not everybody would tolerate. So one has to think through the career choices before making any final decisions about future career plans. The first step is just to have all the information in order to make an informed choice. The size of a company impacts pretty much everything: from working conditions to new growth opportunities. In this article, we will list some of the facts that may help you understand what will be most beneficial for your professional development and your future career in general.

Structure, Benefits, Reputation

large companyWorking at a large company usually assumes clearly defined responsibilities. Employees have their own roles which usually don't interfere with the responsibilities of different departments. Big companies have a well-developed structure so that the organization could function efficiently. Otherwise, it will be a mess and the operation of such an organization will be way less efficient. So when you are hired to work for a large company you probably will be working in a single department and you will have your functions clearly defined by your supervisor. More than that, as soon as you get to work you will be able to understand the path for career advancement in the company as there is likely a predetermined pattern. However, with every process structured so well, you might find it difficult if you are looking for some flexibility and multiple tasks management. It will be hard to follow all the rules for that kind of people. People who want to make a difference right here and right now might find it quite difficult to do it in large companies. There is more place for maneuver in small companies as well as opportunities might have a different perspective. Obviously, big companies often have bigger benefits for the employees.

This is a big plus who are seeking good benefits packages. There is probably way more place in large companies which makes it possible to have an on-site cafe, gym and other things that are handy to have next to your workplace. Usually, employees can get a better insurance offer as well as retirement plans. Most likely you will know in advance your vacation slot, how to take a few days off due to sickness or details of your potential maternity leave. However, you might now get what you want even though the company has offered similar packages to employees. They usually go by what they've got so no matter how good you are at negotiating it may still not help you get what you want. There is definitely more freedom for customizing perks at a smaller organization although this should be taken individually. One of the main reasons why people want to work for large companies so much is because of the brand. It is kind of a source of pride especially when one is asked where he/she is working. If the experience at a large company is successful it will probably give you an advantage in the further job search.

Being associated with something successful is always a good thing but for some people, it is not enough just to be associated with it. There are employees who want to be a reason for success. Working in a successful company is great but if you are there is unlikely you will get a chance to build something new as most of the things needed for the company have already bee built. In small firms, however, you can have way more influence on shaping the future of your employer. It is not better or worse, it is just a completely different experience. And depending on what you are looking for you have to make your choice.