If you want to search for a job or are looking to build your career then you need to have a resume. The resume is really important to the job seekers as they need to run up the ladder of success. The persons who have a better resume would always be at the top of the ladder or ahead of you. You may have better talent than that person but if you do not have the right type of resume then you have very little chances to beat him/her.

If you do not have a resume then the competition is not on and your friends would lead the race, so you better have a resume. The best resume would always be at the heights of success and that person would stand distinguished in the crowd. You must choose where you want to be down the ladder or up the ladder. If you have applied for jobs at many places and are not getting any response then there is a failure of your resume, you have failed to impress the interviewer by your resume. If you do not have a good resume then you may not be visible to the eyes of the companies. The companies that are looking for the best guys for the job but only your resume is visible to them and if you do not have an appropriate resume then the chances that you would be called for an interview are minimum.

This seems to be good as well as a harmless idea. Since most people say that employers rarely check your resume. If you think that truth has never helped you, then you will seriously consider fabricating information in your resume. There is a saying that little white lie never hurt anyone and lying on a resume is just that, a little white lie. When you have not found a job for years or months then you would be tempted to cheat on your resume. However, it is not a very good idea. Since the chances that you will be caught are high. So lying gets messy most of the time. It has been found that many job seekers find it difficult to write a resume on their own without exaggerating or lying due to various reasons such as employment gaps, lack of education and/or experience in their professional lives.

Reports suggest that now a day's resume fraud is on the rise and hence employers are taking much care to in verifying them. So it has become a difficult task to mislead them. However, there is no need for you to lie, if your resume is well written and strategically organized. Most of them lie in the education and experience sections of a resume. However, it is just a myth that you won't be considered as a serious candidate if they lack the educational requirements or the experience described in the job description. Although education is important, it is not the driving force behind hiring decisions unless your profession requires a degree. Your education may not play a significant role when you have a solid work history.