Writing a Resume for Social Media Jobs

Online tools have become very instrumental for businesses to spread the word about their products and services. And since people spend more and more time reading the news feed in social networks, companies launch more and more marketing programs aimed at reaching out these folks wherever they are. With such tendencies, employers today are looking for people for social media jobs in order to effectively advertise their products and services online. If you were thinking about getting such a job then you need to know how to write your resume in a way that it would be selected by hiring managers. In this article, we will provide guidance on how to develop a resume or CV for social media jobs. Maybe you have never thought about it but getting a job in social media requires much more than just skills to post cure pictures all day... In fact, you better make sure your social media profiles helps you land the job.

Landing a Job in Social Media

There is a certain skillset that you must have if you want to get a social media job. It's not that everybody can make it to the interview stage. Some people believe that this type of employment doesn't assume great responsibility and skills so pretty much anybody can get one. That is not true. In fact, social media marketing looks more like a science today and you need to understand it if you want to get hired for the position. Here are some things you must have in your resume to be submitted for a social media job opening: social-media-419944_960_720

Results in numbers and figures. All employers are result-oriented; before they hire anyone they need to know that the person can deliver specific results. Not all industries and not all positions allow demonstrating quantifiable results easily. There are jobs where it is very hard to measure and demonstrate result/success in numbers. But with social media things are much easier. Pointing your output in numbers shouldn't be a problem at all if you ever achieved good results. Increased engagement, sales conversions, likes, client generation - all of these things can be good success indicators. All you have to do is to track the metrics.

Tools/software. A rudimentary knowledge of social networks, like Twitter and Facebook isn't enough to land a job in social media. Managing social media presence for the company requires much more than that. When writing a resume for this type of position, have a separate section where you list all monitoring and engagement tools you are familiar with, such as Buffer, Hootsuite, etc. Include the analytics and reports tools that you know in this section too. Even if your employer uses different software, it would still be good to demonstrate the breadth of your skillset.

Personal brand. Great leaders are those who lead by example. They not only teach what is the right way to this or that, but they also live it. The same way is with demonstrating your social media skills to employers. Do you want them to see that you know what to do? Then show it through your personal brand. Provide links to your personal brand so that hiring managers could make sure you know how things work in social media. You will unlikely to listen to the guy who speaks about how to earn $10,000,000 and who earns $70,000 per year. Employers will be more eager to believe you if you show them how you do it for yourself.

Teamwork. This is another important thing required of social media specialists today. Some people think that people who are responsible for social media accounts of the companies sit at home isolated from other staff and post nice pictures online from time to time. That cannot be further from the truth because people who deal with social networks need to have good teamwork skills regardless of their geographical location. In order to be effective, one needs to collaborate a lot with other departments on various projects and marketing campaign. Focus on your activities that contributed to larger milestones or goals with sales team for example.


As you may have noticed, working as a social media specialist is no easy thing. Neither is getting such a job. You have to know what things should be highlighted in order to attract the attention of potential employers. We hope the aforementioned tips will help you prepare an effective resume for the social media position. Even if you have never worked in this role, you can see what things are to be pursued in order to have a successful career in social media.

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