The fact that a cover letter is as important as your resume or CV is somehow ignored among job seekers today. Most of them view this letter as an add-on to their main marketing document while there are those who don't even bother to write one even if it is required by employers. Despite the tendency, good cover letters can make a difference. If a candidate submits a well-crafted and strategically targeted cover letter along with the resume or CV, the chances are high that he or she will be invited for a job interview. While ignoring the importance of a cover letter can save you a couple of hours, it may also cost you a great job. And just on a side note, a generic cover letter is almost the same as having no cover letter at all. Inserting your name into the template you found online is never a good idea to get your foot into the interview door. But even if you have done that or written a cover letter that doesn't seem to tell the story of who you are, you can always order our services at Prime-resume.

What Can We Do to Help Your Cover Letter Land Job Interviews?

Cover letters are meant to be written with the focus on your target job requirements in a very specific way. One of the most common mistakes job seekers make is they simply repeat all of their skills and experience in this letter making it almost identical to the resume. However, it shouldn't be so. A winning cover letter shouldn't simply repeat the information mentioned in a resume but it should tell the employer why you want the particular job. Very few cover letters we have seen effective address this "Why?" question. And this is something our editing team works on in the first place upon the receipt of the cover letter editing order. Writing a powerful cover letter isn't easy and we understand that at Prime-resume. It requires understanding of hiring practices as well as expectations of hiring managers which is something very few job seekers know of when they apply for jobs. Our experienced team of writers and editors consists of industry experts who come from various HR backgrounds. This fact alone makes our company stand out among the rest on the market. Cover letter is easy for those who know all aspects of writing an effective letter so if you don't know what's wrong with your letter or why your job application efforts fail then you might want to have your cover letter edited by people who know what it should look like. In order to edit a cover letter, we need specific information about:

  • your professional experience and qualifications (attaching the recent resume in most cases will be enough)
  • your target company and position you are going to apply for with this cover letter.

As soon as we have all of this information, we would be able to edit your cover letter in less than 24 hours. Our experienced editors will make sure your application stands out among other job candidates by addressing all of the questions that need to be addressed in a cover letter. If you still hesitate whether you should order the cover letter editing service, please note that most of employers read this document first. It is only when they like a cover letter, they move on to a resume or CV. You have to make sure than that what you submit along with your resume is a winning cover letter that would meet all of the requirements of hiring managers. If you don't know how to do that, just place the order with Prime-resume and we will take care of that.

Update: Cover letter editing service has been merged with cover letter writing service. This means that we have only one service for cover letters - whether you need your accompanying document to be written or edited, you are to choose cover letter writing.