Many job seekers choose to ignore cover letters while trying to persuade themselves and those around that this kind of document isn't important. They say you can easily get an interview invitation without sending a cover letter. It is hard to argue against this type of statements because you actually can get to the interview stage without a cover letter. However, very few job seekers think about how many people were hired just because they had chosen to prepare a good cover letter and send it along their resume or CV. It is true that cover letter writing takes a lot of time and people feel reluctant to write one. They seek, therefore, every excuse and opportunity not to do it. However, your job application can become so much more effective with a powerful cover letter. More than that, sometimes employers require this letter to be submitted along with a resume (CV). In this case, cover letter writing seems like a must-do.

Why Writing a Cover Letter Is Important?

Obviously, a resume is one of the most important job search tools you can ever have. This is a job seeker's number one marketing document. When a hiring manager scans through a resume, he or she can tell you pretty much everything about its author. With time, however, resumes have become very similar - people know what to include in the document and what to leave out. Recruiters and HRs are tired after scanning through almost identical papers in attempts to find the candidate who can make a difference in the company. That's when a cover letter steps in. No matter how effective your resume or LinkedIn profile is, it will never tell your real story to employers. A cover letter used to be a document that introduces a job seeker to a potential employer while explaining one's suitability for the particular job. But today it is much more than simply that. While it does its main function - introducing a job seeker to hiring managers - it is also a great tool to say things you couldn't say in your resume. The main question applicants are required to answer in this letter is why your background and qualifications are relevant to the applying position? No resume or CV allows answering this "Why?" question. The truth of the matter is that this is the question employers are interested in the most. That is how you can make a difference - by effectively addressing this "why?" in your cover letter. Drafting a concise and at the same time detailed cover letter is no easy thing. Job seekers always want to talk about their qualifications for ages. The format of this letter though limits the aspirations of candidates to 1 or 2 pages maximum. The deadliest mistake people make when developing a cover letter is they rehash their resume or CV. The purpose of a cover letter is to explain why you want this particular job, describe your qualifications and establish a connection between what you can do for the company and what the company is looking for.

Cover Letter Writing Service

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