Writing a CV is no easy thing, especially if you take into account the fact that a resume is different from Curriculum Vitae. Most job seekers believe that writing a CV is like ABC. But if one takes time to understand how CVs are evaluated by hiring authorities of reputable companies and organizations, then he/she will likely change the mind. The thing is that hiring authorities have their own criteria and if you don't know what they are looking for, then you are pretty much playing a guessing game. However, it doesn't necessarily has to be that way. Experienced hiring managers and resume writers at Prime-resume do know what company executives are after in a CV or resume. So if you have a CV written but not sure whether it is good enough, you can always order our CV editing services.

What Will We Do to Edit Your CV?

Many job seekers wonder what aspects of CV our professionals are going to edit if the respective order is placed at Prime-resume. Is it just content, any particular sections of a CV or spelling check that our editors will work on? Well, we decided to share the things we are going to review and edit if you place a CV editing order.

  • 1. Information. At this point our editors will make sure they have all needed information to start working on the order. Sometimes our customers don't provide necessary information to deliver a winning CV. In this case our support team will attempt to contact you in order to get all details about your professional experience, education or skills that our editors need. It is only when we have everything we need we start working.
  • 2. Analysis. When all needed information is available for our editorial stuff, they will conduct a research to identify key requirements for the position you are trying to apply with the CV. After that we will analyze the content of your CV to see whether it addresses the requirements for the applying position. This is critical step to understand what kind of editing is needed
  • 3. Plan of action. As soon as our professionals know what's missing they will develop the plan of actions on how to address all of the identified issues. At this stage our support team might need to contact you to get some additional information about your experience and qualifications. In most cases we would send a message and email but when the deadline of the order is expiring soon, we may give you a call as well.
  • 4. Editing. Only now, at stage 4, the actual editing process takes place. Before that we try to understand what is needed and only here our experienced editors will incorporate necessary changes to improve the quality of your CV.
  • 5. Polish-Up. We believe it is important to have 0 mistakes in your CV as this is your main marketing. Since you have only one chance to make a good first impression, mistakes are unacceptable. Therefore, we will proofread your CV to make sure you have a flawless document. Also, we will check whether all of the company and university names are correct.