People who need to submit a CV always wonder whether this is the same document as a resume. Well, the answer can be 'yes' and it can be 'no' depending on the context. Very often these two terms ("CV" and "resume") are used interchangeably to define the document containing information about one's professional experience and education. However, sometimes these documents may actually be different which makes the entire thing confusing for job seekers. One shouldn't worry though, with Prime-resume any job seeker can have all career puzzles solved. Whether you need CV writing or resume writing, our experienced employees will deliver the document requested within the specified deadline.

What CV Writing Is All About?

CV is a document containing pretty much the same information that you would usually include in a resume. Work experience, educational credentials, skills and qualifications - all of these things belong to a CV as well. The thing is that CV writing is more common for academics. For those trying to get as many of their works published as possible, this document allows listing all of the publications without any limitations. A CV allows incorporating more information and doesn't directly or indirectly imposes strict page limits. But it isn't just about academics, doctors also may use this type of application document. Curriculum Vitae (CV) from Latin means course of life. This is the document then that describes one's professional life as it is. It has quite static nature which means you don't tailor your CV to apply for different job openings as you would do with a resume. You update your CV only when you had a new job or when your accomplishments grow. The document is fairly a detailed overview of one's career achievements and qualifications and requires no modifications unless new information is to be incorporated as new experience or skills are gained. The fact that true professionals make a huge difference wherever they come doesn't raise any doubts. If given two CVs, one written by our writer and one by random job seeker, we bet you could tell who wrote which document. So would hiring managers. Now obviously, you can write your CV without any assistance and you can do it quite well. However, it is unlikely that you have a team of expert editors who come from different industry backgrounds who could give you a helping hand and point to things that need improvement. The truth of the matter is that our team of experienced resume and CV writers along with editorial staff are the two things that keep us growing. It is due to them that we are capable of delivering high quality CV writing services, especially in cases when other agencies can't complete the order. If you make up your mind to order CV writing service, our professionals will make a difference and your CV will be ready to achieve the expected results.

Do I Need a CV or Resume?

The resemblance between the two documents is sometimes frustrating. As a result, job seekers hesitate whether they should submit a CV or resume. If that is the case with you, all you have to do is get to the job advert directly and see what the employer requires. If the company requests a CV submitted then that's the way you should go. Besides, if you have any doubts even after studying the job advertisement, you can always contact the employer and ask what exactly they need. Regardless of what specifically you need, we can have all your needs and wants met at Prime-resume. Place your order and rid yourself of this headache of thinking about how to develop an effective CV.