When it comes to resume writing, a single flaw may take away a great opportunity that would have just knocked on your door. What seems to be a small mistake in your eyes can be a reason for hiring managers to throw your resume onto a discard pile. On the other hand, when it comes to professional resume writing services, it boils down to the right choice of the company. Therefore, it is important to know what exactly you are doing. If you made up your mind to do it on your own, that is totally fine. At Prime-Resume.com, we believe anyone can go without using a professional resume service. That is exactly why our industry experts often share their career advice in the blog section of our website. However, if you find the task of writing your own resume too daunting you are always welcome to use our services. 

Professional Resume Writing Service to Help Job Seekers

Our primary goal is to help job seekers overcome their career challenges that come in all shapes and sizes and our industry experts are well-prepared to tackle any of them. Particularly, we specialize in providing professional resume writing service to those who don't wish to spend hours figuring out why they don't get interview calls even though they bombard prospective employers with their main application document. 

At Prime-resume, we can write resumes for any career level:

Entry level resume is for those starting out a career. Usually job seekers who need this type of service don't have work experience and need help organizing their educational credentials, skills, and extra-curricular activities.    

Professional level resume is the document for those who already have some work experience and even some accomplishments. Sometimes it is hard to know what to do with all that experience and how to combine it with skills and education.

Executive level resume is meant for those going for C-Suite jobs. Usually, candidates who are aiming for this level have managerial experience with quantifiable accomplishments. Since the competition for executive positions is tough, job seekers often tend to order professional resume writing service.

Career change resume helps job seekers to transition to a different field. Such experience has never been easy so having a resume that highlights transferrable experiences and skills can help a lot.

Federal resume is written to apply for government jobs. This document is different from a resume submitted for a private sector job openings. Therefore, it requires specific knowledge and skills to develop an effective federal resume.

Military resume is meant to help transition from the military to the civilian workforce. Since military experience is filled with industry specific terms and acronyms, it takes knowledge to translate it to the language civilian recruiters will understand.

Professional Resume Writers Make Career Dreams Come True

We understand how important resumes are for our clients and as a result have set this simple objective for each and every resume writer at our company: no generic documents allowed. Every resume we deliver is unique and created from scratch. Our quality assurance team has been monitoring all orders since this company came to exist. This way we ensure our clients get what they pay for - optimal resumes written to achieve their specific career goals. All our resume writers need is target job and relevant information about one's work experience, accomplishments, education and skills.

We always take into account the industry clients are trying to get a job in to assign your order to a resume writer experienced in this very industry. Another thing you may want to know about our professional resume writers is that they are tasked to focus on job results (i.e. accomplishments) rather than on routine responsibilities. The thing is that most of hiring managers are interested in what you can achieve, not simply what you can do. Therefore, whenever applicable our resume writers will try to show off your relevant achievements first.

For your convenience we have created internal messaging system that allows sending/receiving messages to/from your writer. That means that you can get in touch with the resume writer and discuss some working moments anytime. We usually deliver the final drafts before the deadline expires which should give some extra time in case there are things you wish to be adjusted. You don't have to pay anything if you want your resume writer to change anything; all you need to do is to explain what you want to be fixed and the assigned professional will incorporate the changes accordingly. At Prime-resume, we commit to be revising the resume until the client is happy with the final result. We can easily take this path since our resume writers come from different industries which makes us qualified to cope with any kind of career challenges. 

Professional Resume Writing Help

If at this point you understand that resume writing isn't something you would like to be doing anytime soon, then ordering it from Prime-resume may be a good alternative. You don't have to do much - just fill out the order form, pay for the order and wait until your newly created resume is delivered. Again, you can actively be involved in the writing process through the messaging system if you wish so or you can just trust our resume writers with the entire thing. And if you don't like something, you can still have it fixed for free.