Have you ever given your resume to a friend or family member in hopes they will give you some feedback on it? If you have done that, then you probably know that asking someone who knows you to review your resume isn’t a good idea (in most cases). All of the articles on how to write an effective resume say that before sending your job application package to employers, you should give your resume or CV to someone who can review and provide an honest feedback. Since in most cases relatives and friends will tell you that your resume is fine (even when it is not), you should try to look elsewhere for this kind of assistance. But where can you go? You won’t be asking a stranger in a supermarket to have a look at your resume. This will look ridiculous. Well, this is why we have the resume review service at Prime-resume – a place you can come and have your resume reviewed by professionals.

Getting Valuable Feedback on Your Resume/CV from Our Experts

At Prime-resume we try to assist job seekers overcome their career challenges as they come. One of the most common one is resume writing. However, not everyone wants to have other people writing their main marketing document. There are many people who wish to do it on their own; they just need a little bit of professional assistance to guide them. If that is the case, ordering a resume review service from our company seems to be a good choice.

It is important to note that the resume review service doesn’t assume writing or editing a resume. If you place this kind of order, our editors won’t do a resume makeover for you but what they will do is provide practical information on how you can do the makeover yourself. Getting feedback from professionals has always been important for people who want to achieve success. With the resume review service available at our company, you can now get your main marketing document assessed by people who have rich experience in evaluating this type of papers. Ordering a resume review then is basically ordering a professional feedback on a resume or CV. This service is cheap as it doesn’t assume actual editing of your document; nevertheless, it can be quite helpful in understanding what you have to do to make your resume shine.

As soon as you place this type of order, we will assign it to the editor with respective experience in your field/industry. The editor then will carefully analyze the document to see what kind of improvements are to be made (and in most cases there are a few). After that, the assigned member of our team will outline the recommendations on 1-3 pages depending on how many changes are to be made. It is important to understand that we don’t have any resume review templates to send to our customers. All feedback is written manually by the editor responsible for assessing the document. When you receive the file with the feedback, you should know what you should be doing to improve the quality of your resume or CV and increase the chances to be invited to a job interview.

IMPORTANT: This service doesn’t include the actual editing. Our experts will only develop a list of specific things that are to be changed in order for a resume/CV to look professionally. You will have to do the editing on your own. However, it will be much easier to do it when following the guidelines developed by our resume writers and editors. The size of the report (review) file will vary from one resume to another. It will all depend on the size and quality of a submitted file.

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