Many things have been said about writing an effective resume for sales jobs. However, people tend to ignore that writing a cover letter is as important as developing a resume or CV. Many employers demand a cover letter to be sent when applying for a position so taking this lightly may cost one a job. No matter how good your resume is, if you don't have an effective cover letter it may well be that hiring authorities will never get to read your CV. So the question remains then - how to create an effective cover letter for sales jobs? In this article, we are going to answer this question so if you are a sales expert you may be interested in what we have to say. You can always contact us for more details.

What to Say in a Sales Cover Letter?

Cover-LetterBefore we go to the things you should say on your resume we just want to say a word about something you shouldn't say. First and foremost, don't reiterate things you have already said on your resume or CV. A cover letter isn't meant for duplicating the information you already have in the other application document. Quite the opposite, it is meant for saying something you couldn't say in a resume. We advise you to start with something you can grab a hiring manager's attention with. Offer a value proposition instead of giving standard openings about what kind of job you are applying for and where you got the information about the opening. Also, the first paragraph could contain some of the things about your potential employer and why you chose to apply for work in this specific company. By developing such an introductory paragraph you will stand out among the crowd of other candidates giving you a good chance to receive an interview call. If you made a value proposition in the first paragraph then you should back it up by relevant experience. Again, don't copy-paste your accomplishments from your resume.

The main body of the paragraph serves this simple purpose: to show the potential benefits of hiring you. In effect, it is an answer to the question "Why should we hire you?" The right answer is "Because I can help your company succeed". It may be the right thing to say but it is not specific (good) enough for employers to invite you for an interview. Ideally, you should quantify your sales achievements so that a potential employer could practically see how you contributed to your former company success. The standard closing sounds similar to "Looking forward to hearing from you". But you may choose a different way. Be straightforward and ask for a call if you wish. You can even be a little bit aggressive in your attempts to get an interview. That is what most hiring managers expect from sales specialists. If the main body of your cover letter is compelling enough, your closing should just reiterate your interest in the position. Should you have any questions or want to order cover letter writing services from our company, don't hesitate to contact us anytime.