Job seekers are often encouraged to seek some resume feedback before they send it out to apply for different job openings. At Prime-Resume we believe it is a good idea, although there are several things job seekers have to know before giving their resumes to the third parties. It is a big mistake to give your CV randomly to people you know and expect to receive professional recommendations. Friends or people you know who have nothing to do with the field you work in will likely provide a critique that won't help you much. So rule number one is to consider the source when seeking out different opinions.

Resume Writing: Negative Feedback Can Help

feedbackWhen people ask someone to have a look at their CVs and provide some feedback, they don't really think about receiving negative feedback. Most job seekers believe that their resumes are OK; several spelling mistakes is probably all they will be correcting after receiving the feedback. However, if you choose the right people for this idea, then be prepared to hear things you don't like. Most people get defensive when facing any kind of criticism; in this case, one has to be ready to absorb the feedback whatever it may be. Otherwise, it makes no sense to ask for such help. The ultimate purpose of any resume feedback is neither your glorification nor humiliation. It is meant to help you collect constructive criticism so that you could improve your resume and increase your chances in the job hunting challenges.

So don't take it personally; negative resume feedback is not the same as negative feedback on you personally. People don't learn resume writing in schools; most writing professionals find it difficult to convey their skills and qualifications on paper. Even when you are told that some of your projects are not relevant anymore, don't get defensive even you spent several years on this project. Sometimes we have to let go of the past so that we could have a future. The key to effective feedback is also asking questions. Since this initiative is meant to communicate what needs to be improved, you can make the feedback the start of your conversation. If you are not sure what was meant by saying the project wasn't relevant anymore, feel free to ask about that (not with a defensive tone though). If you are not sure how you should proceed with revising your resume, don't hesitate to ask for advice those who provided constructive criticism of your CV. This way you will be able to significantly improve your resume.

Our Services: Resume Review offers a wide range of writing services that help job seekers accomplish their career goals. The Resume/CV Review service is meant to help people improve their resumes/CVs with the help of resume writing professionals. Our team will provide comprehensive feedback on what could be improved on your resume or CV so that you could increase your chances of getting the job you want.