Have you ever faced the situation when you do everything you can to get a job with no results? It seems like you are hitting the wall and cannot get through in order to advance in your career. Therefore, many ask questions like "Why do the employers ignore me?", "Why am I getting no results in the job search?", etc. Some are disappointed and think they are not good enough to get hired by a reputable company or they start believing they don't deserve a good job. Companies rarely explain why they reject candidates, which contributes to overall frustration over the issue. Taking into account that job seekers always assume the worst it can distort the general picture negatively impacting one's confidence.

Resume Challenges: Why Do Employers Say "No"?

In order to help job seekers understand the hiring process better Prime-Resume has decided to list some of the most common reasons, you are not getting hired. In other words, we want to help understand why companies say "no" (no response from the companies in terms of the job search means "no"). Reviewing these reasons may help you see that it is not always your fault; sometimes job seekers just become the victims of factors that are out of their reach. However, we will focus on things you can change - to actually help you present yourself better.

No match for the opening. This is one of the most common legitimate reasons why potential employers deny a chance to get hiring not even inviting you for an interview. If hiring authorities look at your resume and the just don't see how your experience is related to the job requirements. No one wants to waste his/her time.

It seems like you don't care much. If your resume is well written, you have been invited to an interview and was still rejected the reason may be in the attitude. This is not about resume writing. This is not about how well your experience matches job requirements. This is about how much you want the job. Most companies would prefer less qualified candidates with more desire to work at the company over highly professional candidates who don't really care much about the opportunity.

Not prepared for the interview. If resume writing is not a problem for you, the interview is another reason why you haven't been hired. One of the most common mistakes made by job seekers is they go to an interview meeting without any preparation. No matter how good you are in interacting with people take time to learn more information about the company and job opening. You could check the company's website, social network profiles or just google the company to find out more. Then when giving answers to the questions posed by an interviewer you can focus more on what the company needs rather than what you want.

There are more reasons why employers reject candidates. You may be surprised to know what percentage of resumes aren't even looked at because the suitable candidate was already taken. Also, job seekers can be a victim of demographics, bigotry or other circumstances. The most important thing is not to get discouraged and keep trying, never forgetting about the importance of self-improvement.