After you are done with your resume there is only one way to find out whether you did a good job on it. If you start receiving interview invites then you can consider yourself a good resume writer. If it turns out no one is contacting you regarding the positions you've applied for it means you might want to reconsider some things on your resume. But let's assume you did a great job and you have been invited to a couple of interviews. What do you do from there? Is there any way people prepare for interviews? Sure. We have already giver general interview tips. Today we would like to concentrate on one specific aspect of a job interview.

Asking Questions at Interviews

urlMost job seekers believe that asking questions at interviews is only the prerogative of those who are looking to hire people. However, we couldn't disagree more. Any interview is two-way communication and it is important that both parties could get the information they need to make the right decision. Asking the right questions then is important for both the employer and the one being interviewed. By asking questions an applicant clearly demonstrates an interest in the company and position available. If a candidate is active enough to ask questions it distinguishes him/her from others who showed up to only answer questions. However, it is important what questions one actually asks. First and foremost, you should ask questions that will help you understand the company culture and the role you are trying to fill in.

It is best if you ask such type of questions at the beginning of an interview. This way you will know what kind of things should be highlighted during an interview in general. For example, you can ask about what awaits the company in the coming 5 years or what the interviewing person believes the company will be able to achieve in the shortest time... Also, it will be a good idea to get to know about the job specifics and how job performance is evaluated. After you are done with generic questions about the company and position it is time to move to the specifics. It is important that as a candidate you understand all of the requirements of the role as well as different challenges you will have to face if you take the position. So you might want to wonder about the objectives of the position, available resources, any kind of support you can expect from the management of the company, etc. Lastly, get to know about the company's philosophy and how things are usually done in the company - it might help you become a good fit in the team right from the start.

Interview Tips

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