Qualified and Not Hired? Here Are Some Reasons and Fixes…

The job search process gets very exhausting today. People spend hours on sending their application documents to multiple employers but the result is not what job seekers expect (to say the least). And it's one thing when you are not qualified for the jobs applied - then the fix is pretty obvious. But it is another thing when you have done your homework, researched the required qualifications for the position, tailored your resume, and even landed a number of interviews but still received no job offers. Such scenario is one of the most dreaded ones because it seems you have got everything needed to be hired but can't get to that point. In this article we are going to review some of the most common reasons why qualified candidates don't get the spot. If you are tired of hearing that you were good but not good enough to be hired then you should keep reading and you may come across some fixes that could help you...

Diagnosing and Fixing What Is Holding You Back

The first reason is that you lack interview skills. Sometimes job seekers forget that the final decision is made never based on a resume alone. No matter how professional your resume looks, it will not be able to land a job offer. It is only a tool that can get you to the interview stage. Therefore, the fact that you have a professionally written resume and you are 100% qualified for the job doesn't actually guarantee a positive outcome at an interview. In fact, there are so many smart and qualified people who just get so nervous at the meeting that they ruin their chances themselves. For many sitting in the interview seat makes them feel uncomfortable and as a result they can't really demonstrate all of their skills and potential. Being too nervous makes people say stupid things or even not say things that should have been said - something that never goes ignored during the interview meetings by HRs. The fix is to admit that you need to improve your interview skills by learning more about the process. One must read the interview guides and how hiring managers approach this meeting. It will help you come prepared next time. Work on the moments (i.e. particular questions) that seem most challenging. Reach out to a friend or career expert for help if needed. Three people are interviewing a job candidate

Another reason why you are not getting hired although you are qualified for the job may be because of your personality or your failure to demonstrate it. You may be surprised to know but interview meetings are organized to assess not only your professionalism and interest in the position, but also your personality and how it will fit in the existing team in the company. Recruiters say that over 50% of your success depends on the personality or how you manage to demonstrate it during the interview. More than that, Bloomberg View's Faye Flam claims (based on research data) that one's personality has a larger effect on success than IQ (which can be equalized to qualifications in our context). Therefore, don't think you have to quietly sit during the meeting and say nothing except what you were asked. If you were not getting the job after multiple interviews, it may well be that you were too closed to demonstrate your personality. The fix is obvious - try to be not only a qualified candidate but also the one people would like to work and spend time with. If you have a hard time expressing that, make sure you concentrate on how your personality will fit in the team during the interview.

Lastly, if you look qualified, but desperate employers will likely select another candidate. We all have been told one should be honest at all stages of job search, including resume writing and interview meetings. However, there are qualified candidates who make it seem like hiring them would be a huge favor. It may well be that this is the dream company and you die to leave your current job and work for them instead, but if this is the only message you are communicating to a hiring manager at an interview then your chances are bad. Whenever you focus only on how you want this job, you may sound desperate - something employers don't really like. Keep in mind, the entire meeting isn't about what you want or need. Applicants who concentrate on the value to the company have more chances to be offered a job. You can fix this issue by taking time to prepare your interview talk in a way that would communicate both your passion for a company and the benefit the company would have from hiring you. So your presentation shouldn't be about how you love the company already, but also what you will be able to innovate or grow something new.

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