We have already written many articles about interviews and how they should be handled, but we never got to talk about phone interviews. Although they are not so much different from face-to-face interviews there are several things job seekers have to know about it. It might not seem like a big thing (phone interview), but it can actually make the difference. Besides, experienced job seekers understand that every single stage of the job hunting process is important. It is like one step upward on a staircase: each step makes you closer to the top. Therefore, job seekers shouldn't take a phone interview too lightly.

What Is a Phone Interview and How to Handle It Well?

five-ways-to-crack-a-phone-interviewIf you did your resume writing job well then employers might want to bring you in for an interview. But it doesn't mean that hiring authorities will make such decision right away. Many companies practice phone interviews to check whether it is really worth inviting someone for an interview. They call candidates in order to test communication or any other skills, check past experience or just to see how a person reacts to certain questions. Such phone screening becomes the final stage where hiring authorities decided whether a candidate should be invited for a face-to-face interview or not. In order to handle well such phone interviews, you should be prepared for it. Many people are disoriented and confused when they receive such calls from the employers and as a result, they mess it up. Not necessarily because they aren't a good match for the opening, but because of their inability to manage stress or they were simply not prepared. The least you can do is to have your resume with you (or know it well), allocate enough time for the conversation, and make sure you are on a good phone line. These are basic things that will help you have a nice conversation with interviewing authorities. Obviously, you have to be prepared to answer some questions.

Employers won't call you just to ask how you are doing. Make sure you are prepared by researching information about the company on the Internet because they will likely ask you what you know about the company or something like that. You can check their website, press releases, LinkedIn profiles to get some useful information about the employer. We recommend preparing some questions too. This way you will make the conversation a dialogue, which will help to build rapport with the company representative. For example you can ask about potential challenges that one will have when hired for the position.

Interview Tips

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