Whenever a job seeker received an interview invitation that means that his/her resume or CV has done its job. The problem is however that it won't get you any further. It is the objective of any resume to get you to the interview stage. Everything else depends on how you do during an interview. Most job seekers come to an interview prepared to answer some basic questions, while others don't think about what they are going to be asked in advance. But very few people ever think of what kind of questions they should ask an employer when giving such an opportunity. Asking questions can be a great tool to find out important information as well as to demonstrate your interest in the position...

What Should You Ask an Interviewer?

Are there any skills training your company offers for its employees? By asking this question you will demonstrate to an interviewer that you are willing to bring in hard work and dedication to the role. Successful companies understand how important it is to develop and grow professionally and most reputable companies provide such development opportunities for its employees. It also hints at your commitment to go the extra mile (get trained and gain knowledge) in order to succeed in the company. And whenever the company's employee succeed, the company itself is growing. You could also ask whether there are any recreational activities organized by and within the company. It also demonstrates that you are willing to build a friendship with your co-workers. Could you tell me about the company's policy on overtime? This one is so obvious but most job seekers never care enough to ask this question. Trying to find out the policy on overtime you send a message to a prospective employer that you've got passion and commitment to work above your hours. It subsequently means you love the job and you even might have a plan on how to things work.

Even if an interview is not able to answer the question at the time you asked it, don't worry, the fact that you asked the question might make the difference in the long run. What are the company's plans and goals in a long-term perspective? Some people recommend asking about the company's philosophy and culture as well, but that we believe is something you have to find out prior to an interview. So just focus on the plans and goals of the company. Sometimes when introducing the company will tell you about their goals so listen carefully, otherwise, you might miss it. The sooner you know the answer to this question, the sooner you will be able to understand how you fit into reaching those goals. If you are unsure about how you can help you can ask an HR about it. So this question will first of all show your interest in the company as well as give you an understanding of what you are expected to deliver within the company's plans.

One Last Question

If an interview goes really well and you feel like you had a really good conversation with an interviewer you could also ask him/her about working in the company. A question like 'What do you like the best about working for the company?' or 'What do you think sets the company apart from the rest?'. These questions might help you get a better understanding of what the company is all about. It will also likely to send another subtle message to a prospective employer that you are genuinely interested in the job.

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